About me

Welcome to Travel with Anda!

Hi guys, my name is Anda and I am a travelholic. I love to explore our beautiful planet, see the wonders of nature, admire the glory of architecture and meet different cultures. On top of that I love photography. So one day I thought why not start writing an easy reading travel blog and share it with the world. And here we are. Travel with Anda is here to share my travel experience with friends and other wanderlusts so you might get some new ideas for your next vacation, travel destination or just a short escape from reality. Because reality can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, right? I have travelled to 45 countries (and counting) so I’d like to believe everyone will find something interesting to read here.

A few words about me

I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I feel very lucky for that. I feel SLOVENIA. Since this is a travel page, I won’t complain about our government or things that could be better here. The fact is that Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe and has recently taken the fifth place among 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index. Which is definitely a wow, don’t you think? So I guess you cannot resent me for the »home sweet home« cliché I say every time I return from my travels.

My work is related to healthy living and I am lucky enough to be able to travel for business purpose quite a lot. I have been in food supplements and functional foods business for the last 8 years and I can definitely say that has made my life much better in all aspects. Since I strongly believe healthy lifestyle is the key to enjoy everything else, I will write about it occasionally in my blog. So all of you who are struggling with non working diets or want to know how to stay in shape when traveling in yummy countries, stay alert and check my lifestyle category from time to time.

I am also a dog person. I own a Chihuahua which I love to the sky and back. That’s one of the reasons I actually named her Sky. She is beyond adorable and you don’t want me to start writing about her. Unless you do. In this case you are kindly invited to follow me on Instagram and check the Chihuahua corner for more information.

Besides traveling and spending time with my two sweethearts (one of them is much taller and a bit less hairy), I am obsessed with shopping and all kinds of sports – couch and the real stuff. I used to play volleyball in high school, but lately I prefer individual sports, like running and indoor workout. I am also a movie freak (I used to work with a movie magazine which was the coolest job ever, but unfortunately a bit underpaid), and I can predict Oscar winners with 95% certainty (according to my own calculator, but you should know statistics has never been my strong suit).

This is the point where I stop any you say: “Hello Anda, nice to meet you.” However, if you want to know just a little bit more about me and how to Travel with Anda, scroll down and check the other categories below this introduction.

Take care and have fun! Or as our Prime Minister would put it: “Peace, Ljubav, Bog!”