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You DO know that people find personal experience much more reliable source than advertising, right? This is exactly what I offer in my travel blog: I add a personal touch to attractive tourist destinations, trips, accommodations, transport and other activities, related to travel. So if you have anything interesting to offer and want an honest review to be shared with my readers, feel free to drop me a line.

My readers come from 87 countries, 60% of them are from Slovenia, my home country, and all of them are quite interested in what I have to say. I know that because more than 50% of them are frequent users. Visitors from UK come second (10%), USA third (7%), Russia fourth (4%) and United Arab Emirates in fifth place (almost 2%). Interesting mix, wouldn’t you agree?

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I personally hate mailing lists, so I decided not to offer a subscription option for Travel with Anda. For now 😉 If you’d like to follow my updates, you are welcome to like my Facebook page, where you will also find more travel photos from my reviews. I recently set up my official Travel with Anda Twitter account so you are welcome to follow me there as well. And last, but not the least, here is my Instagram account. Just keep in mind that you will also find some Chihuahua stuff there from time to time 🙂